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Welcome, I'm

Desmond Obisi

Software Engineer | Rustacean🦀 | Open Source Contibutor | Blockchain/Web3 Fellow @ Polytope Labs.

About Me

Hi 👋, I'm Desmond Obisi

I am a software engineer currently building in the blockchain ecosystem. I'm an open source contributor and technical writer whose vision is to build great products and makes it easy for the world to use. If I'm not building, you'll see me speaking and engaging communities...




  • 🔭 I’m currently open to join a team as a Senior Frontend Engineer / Blockcahin Engineer / Software QA Engineer

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning Substrate, Rust, Go, WebAssembly and other blockchain technologies

  • 👨‍💻 All of my projects are available at GitHub

  • 📝 I regularly write articles on Hashnode and

  • 💬 Ask me about JavaScript, React, WebAssembly, Node, Typescript, Rust, QA and Blockchains

  • 📫 How to reach me

  • 📄 Know about my experiences LinkedIn

  • ⚡ Fun fact I spend more time with my computer than anything else

Connect with me:

desmondcutest desmond-obisi-253ab7161 13363702 desmond.obisi desmond_obisi @desmondcutest

Languages and Tools:

babel chartjs css3 cypress d3js express figma gatsby git graphql gulp html5 javascript jest laravel linux matlab mocha mongodb mysql nextjs nodejs php postgresql postman pug react reactnative redux sass tailwind typescript vuejs vuetify webpack




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Get In Touch

Although I'm not currently looking for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I'll try my best to get back to you!